Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 hours in London

Our flight from Munich was quick and we were out on the streets of London in no time.  A quick stop at the Underground ticket booth and we had our Oyster transportation card in hand.  The Piccadilly line took us from Heathrow to Central London and a few more transfers to the Kensington & Chelsea neighborhood.

Our first order of business was dinner at Wagamama and the mall across the street from our hotel had just what we were looking for.

By this time it was almost 8:00 and we were losing daylight.  A few more tube transfers and we were facing Big Ben, Parliament, (Name the movie - "Look kids, it's Big Ben and Parliament") River Thames, and the London Eye.  The night was so clear that we decided to take a ride.  The 30 minute journey atop London was a perfect ending to the vacation.  A few blurry photos and we were spent for the night.

I set the alarm for 5:20 so we could be out the door of the hotel by 6:30.  I came to an interesting realization, 5:20 London time was 11:20 Chicago time.  Crazy.  We went a few tube stops to Notting Hill Gate for an amazing breakfast at Pret A Manger.  I had "proper" porridge with honey, a yogurt pot, and orange juice.  Matt had a pain au raisin, British berries, and coffee.  I will remember this breakfast for a long time.

We thought the remainder of the morning would be smooth sailing to Heathrow. Just take the Circle line to the Piccadilly.  Well, the Piccadilly had a problem this morning as there was a "fire alert" a few stops away.  Great.  Matt's quick thinking figured out a work around for the delay and we made it to Heathrow in plenty of time.

The ride home is always longer than you remember.  The eight hour flight took forever.  We watched Tina Fey's Date Night and Shrek Forever After along with a CSI and How I Met Your Mother.  I took two short naps.  We flew over Greenland and saw some amazing views of the landform and glaciers.  Hopefully the photos below relay how amazing it looks. 
Yeah, that's a glacier in Greenland

We had no issues with customs or the taxi ride home.  Half of the laundry is done, and as of 5:30 we are dragging.  I think it's PB&J for dinner and then off to bed.

The kiddos come home tomorrow!  We.can't.wait.

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