Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen

Guess what happened this morning?  The electricity went out (clearly not when this photo was taken).  Do you remember reading the post a few days ago about how difficult it was to stay awake in the wee hours with no electricity?!  Thankfully it was 6:30 when the power went out and didn't come back on until 9.

The big event of the morning was sending the kids off to Grandma & Grandpa's house.  Two weeks worth of stuff certainly is a lot.  In addition to diapers and clothes, I sent a bike for both kids, milk, a tub of toys, toothbrushes, a stroller, and the pack-n-play.  Grandpa is an amazing packer and got it all in the Jeep!  We heard that he has already figured out how to reach over and open the hallway gate.  Grandpa made it a bit higher on the wall and he tried to climb under it, unsuccessfully. 

Bye, M!
Now it's time to get our bags packed.  Matt has a goal to not check any bags, so that means the bare minimum only.  The caveat is that the weather in Southern Germany is quite varied lately.  One day is rainy and 68 degrees and the next day is 78 and sunny.  How does one pack for that when only one bag is allowed?  I gotta tell ya, this one quart-sized baggie for liquids is ridiculous.

Cross your fingers for internet access!  Auf Wiedersehen

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