Monday, August 16, 2010

Final day is Salzburg

As our two week vacation comes to a close, we are pooped!  We've seen all the churches, palaces, and gardens we can see.  With no particular destination in mind we turned off the Sat Nav and drove back toward Salzburg this morning.  The funniest signs of today, and I certainly have a lot of funny sign photos, were these along the road during road construction.  It's a novel way to let you know how long the construction will last.  How do you think these would go over in Chicago?

Grrr, construction

Ugh, the construction is still happening

Eh, it's not so bad

Hey!  It's over in 1 km.  I can handle that.

Last night I realized that we neglected to seek out the Sound of Music gazebo and get a full front shot of the palace while at Schloss Hellbrunn.  It was on our way to our undetermined destination so we snapped a few photos. 

The Sound of Music was a huge flop in Austrian theatres.  Some reports say it only played in theatres for a week!  Its current location at Schloss Hellbrunn is not the orignal location.  The gazebo was used in the movie for Lisel & Rolf and Maria & Captain Von Trapp.  It was origninally located at the private Schloss Leopoldskron but too many tourists wanted to see it; Schloss Hellbrunn is its new home.  I suppose becuase the move is not a part of Salzburg pop culture, but the gazebo seems to be unceremoniously shoved in a corner of the gardens.  We enjoyed the sunshine of the gardens for a while before the rain started to roll in.  We took advantage of Kaffee & Kuchen at our hotel and watched the downpour from our balcony. 

Tonight brings packing and an early bedtime.  If we can make it work, we are going to attempt to visit Dachau tomorrow before going to the airport in the afternoon.  Tomorrow afternoon brings a flight to London for a quick overnight stop before an early Wednesday morning flight home.

I sure miss my kids, Sonic, and Coke with ice and bubbles.


  1. It was just too much to smoosh into two weeks. That gives us a reason to go back!