Friday, August 6, 2010

It was a long strange journey

Let me start out by stating that I claim no responsibility for my spelling on these posts.  The German keyboard is slightly different than the one I am used to.  For example the y and z keys swap places.  Then there are two extra keys to accommodate the ö and ä.

Well almost 24 hours of travel and we finally arrived in Munich.  Our flight from Chicago took off two hours late which made us miss our connection in London.  We finally made it to our hotel around 7 last night.  We grabbed dinner at the Italian restaurant next door as most everything was closed.  There was some confusion with Prosecco, but in the end we get our pasta to go.

I tend to be quite self conscious and my lack of language is taking a toll on me.  I know the customary casual greetings, but when spoken to entirely in German I feel bad shaking my head at the person.  I don't want to be the stupid American.

Our hotel in Munich is comfortable, but the stack of newspapers for a pillow was difficult to sleep upon.  We played "Guess the food" at breakfast this morning.  I'm not sure what the "egg" dish was but would have spit it out had I been at home :)

The weather today is rainy and cold, so we will look to find an indoor activity.  Maybe a museum?

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