Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MUC -> LHR -> ORD-> Home!

We are in the home stretch of our vacation, literally.  As of now we're in the Munich airport waiting for our flight to London.  We'll be there for all of about 15 hours.  The early closing times will prohibit us from touring anything, but an Underground pass will keep us busy "window shopping" our favorite sites. 

We will also partake in our two favorite London restaurants - Wagamama & Pret A Manger

We made the most of our half day in Germany; we took the long way around Munich and stopped at the Concentration Camp in Dachau.  I snapped a few photos, but there was no way I could take any of the major sections like the barracks and crematorium.  They are forever imprinted in my mind and that's all I need.  Overall, the presentation was tasteful and a proper memorial.

The wealth of information provided through the different rooms of one of the main SS houses was overwhelming.  The long and short was that the SS picked and chose who they didn't like and found ways to make life miserable.  We did not realize the number of main and secondary camps scattered through Germany, Austria, and beyond.  Thankfully for my kleenex supply there was not an installation showing the personal possessions of the camp prisoners, like I've heard is at Auschwitz.  

I suppose we left Munich on a down note, but it was certainly a powerful farewell.

On our way to the airport, Matt had to open it up one more time on the Autobahn.  We even passed a Police car along the way. 

Yes, that's just before he hit 200 km/h

We're off to London for a few hours!  Ta-Ta!

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