Saturday, August 14, 2010

Off to Salzburg!

Friday morning brought a departure from Innsbruck and a journey to Salzburg. We have not bought anything other than two refrigerator magnets, but for some reason packing our suitcases was a bit of a challenge. Thankfully we don't have to fit them on an airplane today becuase they'd make us check for their bulging state.

We needed a bit of back home today and stopped at IKEA in Salzburg to find it :)  It was a ton of fun to roam the store and have have lunch in the cafe.

IKEA Salzburg

Happy lunch :)
For the month of August Salzburg has the Salzburg Festival with concerts all over town. This festival made securing a hotel room difficult. Instead of being near the city center like Munich and Innsbruck we are 10 miles outside Salzburg back to Germany by Berchtesgaden.  The place we are staying is a "wellnesshotel" with a spa and heated outdoor pool. I'd like for the weather to clear up so we can at least get some natural vitamin D while swimming with the mountains in the background.

Breakfast has been included in our hotel stays thus far and this place is no different.  However, they have a Kaffee & Kuchen (coffee & cake) buffet each afternoon.  That's wellness for ya.

The rain started back up at a decent rate so we decided to veg and watch the rain and fog from the balcony.  We solved the dinner dilemma by eating downstairs and had a great meal. 

Tomorrow looks to be a sunny day and we're going to visit another palace!

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