Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rain, rain go away

Friday was almost a bust for us.  The rain was quite heavy and since we really had no clue where we were geographically in relation to anything else, we were hesitant to venture out.  After breakfast, which was an adventure for our taste buds, we returned to our room to make a plan.

We decided to brave it out in the rain instead of wasting a day watching four channels.  The first stop was the S-Bahn station to travel to the Marienplatz.  Marienplatz seems to be the jumping off point for many of the Munich attractions we want to see.  After arriving at the Marienplatz we had to purchase umbrellas.  Bringing our own was a fleeting thought before leaving home, but it never went much further than that.  Then we walked a few blocks in different directions to two of the three churches near Marienplatz: Michaelskirche and Frauenkirche.  When visiting these two churches we were slightly unsure if we were doing it right.  By that I mean our only other experience is visiting Westminster Abbey and St. James Cathedral in London.  At those two places you have to queue up to pay admission and it is clear where to go.  At Michaelskirche and Frauenkirche you just walk in the front door as if you are attending services and look around.  At least that's what we did whether it was right or wrong.  We probably toured the churches a little faster than normal since all of the descriptions were in German.

After touring the two churches we walked back through Marienplatz to the S-Bahn station.  The rain and wind made for unhappy sight seeing.  We grabbed a bite from one of the food stalls in the station and went back to our hotel for the night.  While the thought of four English-speaking channels may not entice you for the evening, we had a secret weapon.  Matt remembered to load the Slingbox onto our netbook.  What's a Slingbox you ask?  It's an amazing device that hooks up to your television and allows you to watch it where ever you have an internet connection.  So we caught a little of the early morning news at lunchtime and spent the evening watching Chicago TV.  However, we did enjoy watching Brett Michaels Behind the Music where the interviews were in English and the narration was in German. 

We decided to call it a night at 9:30.  Not that I get much sleep, the bed and pillow are terrible.

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