Saturday, August 14, 2010

Salzburg - Day 2

Hightlight of the day - no rain! 

We had one more of King Ludwig II's castles to see today - Schloss Herrenchiemsee.  This palace is another unfinished palace because King Ludwig pretty much put Bavaria in the poor house trying to build his palaces.  Herrenchiemsee was to be the biggest of the palaces being a direct replica of Versailles, but that was not to be for poor Ludwig.  Only the middle section of the palace was completed along with quite a few fountains. 

Contraband photos!

The main entry hall.  The floors and stairs were marble but the walls were a faux plaster mixture to look like marble.  The funny thing is that the faux marble cost more than the real thing!

The wrong end of the Hall of Mirrors.  The other way was spectacular 100 meters long full of candleabras and mirrors. 

King Ludwig II's blue bedroom and Matt's shirt

This is one Ludwig's porcelain chandeliers.  He made sure the mold was shattered after it was made so no one would have one just like it. 

On our way back we drove over to Lake Königssee which is a beautiful almost still lake.  The boats that move on the lake are either powered by oars or electricity.  The lake looks like a sheet of glass, except when the kids thow rocks to wreck it. 

The weather was perfect for an afternoon swim and the clouds parted just enough late this evening for us to see that we have two previously unseen mountains outside our window.  They made a brief appearance.

I think we are going into Salzburg tomorrow, rain or shine.  We are going to do our own Sound of Music tour!

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