Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Zone Mayhem

We are trying to eliminate as much jet lat as possible for our upcoming trip to Germany.  Matt came up with an ingenious idea when we went to London two years ago.  The week or so before the trip we'd get up earlier and earlier in an attempt to acclimate our bodies to the 6 hour time change.  By the end of the week we were getting up at 3AM.  Yes folks, 3AM.  In theory it was to work out brilliantly - catch up on some television, do laundry, read a book, have a cup of coffee, you get the idea.  Unfortunately we had a string of storms move through the last three days before our trip, which knocked out the electricity.  It's really difficult to stay awake by candlelight with only one old copy of People magazine.  Matt made out OK because he took a semi-warm shower and went to work.  I, however, had Meg snoozing away down the hall.  I remember falling back to sleep each one of those days, but in the end we had a great time in London and only had one rough morning getting up.

This time we are giving it a try again.  Since last Wednesday I've been getting up earlier and earlier starting with 6AM last week to 3AM on Sunday.  Earlier wake up times also equals earlier bed times.  I've been calling it a night right after we put Meg to bed.  Thankfully I have a lot of movies and TV shows to catch up on, and I even went for a run yesterday.  Today I tried for 2:45AM, but just couldn't roll out of bed until 4AM.  My eyelids were super heavy around 6AM, so I went back to bed for an hour.  We'll see how the next two days pan out!

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