Thursday, August 12, 2010


Rain.  It's really putting a cramp in our vacation.  Today we drove through Oberammergau, Mittenwald, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  These three towns would have been great to explore outside of the car, but the rain had other ideas.  I think it could stop now.

Since these towns were a bust for us, we decided that we needed an inside attraction.  Schloss Linderhof was just what we needed.  This palace is another of King Ludwig II's residences.  It is the smallest of the palaces he built, so it was actually completed.  King Ludwig was a bachelor and, from what I deduce, a lonely life.  He was engaged for about six months but broke off the engagement.  The dining room table in his palace had the ability to sink through the floor to the kitchen so he didn't have to see the servants.

Thankfully we explored the palace grounds before our tour.  It truly is a sight to see.  King Ludwig II modeled the palace after Versailles.  The gardens and fountains are quite lovely.

Couldn't you live here?
Another contraband photo!

King Ludwig I's bed. 

When we walked out of the palace the skies had opened up, so yet again, the Munich umbrellas come in very handy.  By the time finished Schloss Linderhof we were spent.  We had a nice long dinner and gelato.  Gelato is one of the more amazing inventions I've experienced.  For less than a Euro and a half you can experience heaven on a waffle cone.  My favorite flavor is Creme Caramel, I've had it three nights in a row.  It's a good thing that the portions are small otherwise my pants would get a bit tighter.  I feel that all the stairs (oh my are there ever stairs to climb) taken in the day more than cover the gelato calories.   

Creme Caramel. 'Nuff said.

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