Thursday, August 5, 2010

What were you doing 10 years ago today?

It was a lovely, rainy August day and we got married!  The rain didn't damper the day one bit.  However, there was one potential disaster; Bob left the house with his tux and house keys locked inside.  Now remember this was in 2000, so cellphones were not the norm and calls had to be made to the actual establishments we were to potentially visit that morning.  Thankfully, we had only two places on our to-do list for the morning, and Tracey had her keys in her purse.  When they guys arrived at the hair salon Tracey tossed her keys over the railing to Bob and the train was back on track. 

Just some of the Bridal Party from left to right: Bob, Nate, Zak, Matt, Holly, David, and Kim

The initial plan was to go to the park for pictures, but the rain forced a change of venue.  Instead of taking a limo to the park we went for margaritas!  Shockingly I didn't spill a drop on my dress.  Shocking.

We melted on our honeymooned in Florida.  The rest, as is cliched, is history.

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