Monday, September 6, 2010

Can spiders live in vacuum bags?

Today was clean the house if it kills us day.  Our return from Germany was so close to the start of the school year that we didn't have the time to get the house in working order before working was in order.  There was no way I had the energy last weekend to even attempt anything more than the dishes.

Matt started the day off with the basement.  Oh, the basement.  It has been severely neglected for some time.  Not that it was gross, but the original organization of the toys was a distant memory.  I heard the vacuum running while I occupied Gavin upstairs.  When Matt came upstairs for a break, I thanked him for dealing with the abyss.  He said, "Oh I'm not done, that was just half the basement."  Apparently he decided to move the couches and evict the spiders living in all the dark spots (and that really gross spider web that spilled out over of the window sill for the whole family to see the victims of its owner).  One estimate tops 30 spiders.  Once his blood sugar was back up, he finished up the basement by lunchtime.   
There really is carpet down here
It is so beautiful to walk through the house and not step on bits of whoknowswhat that the kids dropped along the way.  The worst was over by the highchair.  I hate eating on a carpeted surface, but it's all the space we've got in our house.  Upon close inspection I could make out rice, bits of Veggie Straws, a Cheerio, a Lucky Charms marshmallow, and a really dried up green bean.  When the vacuum rolls over G's spot it sounds like the coin machine counting our spare change at the bank.  How long will it last?  I don't know, but for now it's a beautiful thing.

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