Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My dancing fool

Matt's cousin got married this past weekend.  M and I were the lone attendees as Matt was sick and G went to my parents' house.

The wedding was beautiful.  I was really excited for the reception because it was at the same place Matt and I used when we got married.  Truthfully my recollection of major events of that evening are slim.  The photos we have help jar my memory, but the day flew by so fast for me.  One song that brought back a great memory was Adam Sandler's Grow Old With You that the bride and groom used when they cut the cake.  Matt and I danced to this very same song before our first "official" dance.  Surprisingly, the groom's brother remembered that we danced to this too.  He's got a good memory if he can recall that from ten years ago when he was probably 11 years old.  I will say it was a fantastic venue, and I'm glad we used it, too!

Shortly after dinner, I realized that weddings are no fun when you are without a partner.  It was great talking with Matt's family during dinner and intermittently once dancing started.  However, his family was well represented, rightfully so as it was one of his family member's wedding, and they wanted to catch up with each other.  I spent a lot of the evening watching M on the dance floor.  All I can say is that girl has some moves.  She danced with cousins and tried to follow along with the group during the Electric Slide.  She finally ended up on stage dancing with her shadow.

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