Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gutters, check.

There are certain common roles that perpetuate in our household.  I traditionally cook dinner and clean the house, and Matt mows the lawn and takes care of the general outside upkeep.

Since Matt started a new job those roles have been thrown out the window.  He travels a bit during the week and works from home the remaining days.  On days he is home he can do a few loads of laundry or start dinner before I get home with the kids.  Now if I could only train him to fold....... 

On my end today I climbed up on the roof to clean out the gutters.  Typically, this is my job since Matt is not too keen on high places.  I believe the gutters had not been cleaned since last fall so they were pretty gross.  With some help from Matt, on solid ground, we removed a sizable branch from an evergreen that was taking some liberties with our roof.  Despite the stinky mess in the gutter, once they were empty I found being above street level is quite therapeutic.  It provides another vantage point of scenes I stare at everyday.  It's also quite hilarious to see the look people's faces when they drive by and see me on the roof.

All clean!

My private observation tower
 Let the snow fly!

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