Monday, February 14, 2011

House Renovation, Day 1

Mr. D. arrived right on time at 8:00.  I had to leave for work but Matt stayed behind to answer any questions Mr. D had.

All day I was awaiting an email or text photo that never came.  I could not stand it!

Finally the following text came in - "It's a mess in here."  Really?  That's all you can share!!  I had to come home and see for myself.  Mr. D and his son were just leaving for the day.

Here's the progress:
Our old closet is gone.  It's been widely known that at least one former owner of this house was a hack when it came to home renovation.  Today we have even more data to support that fact.  When Mr. D was removing the drywall in the closet he jostled the light and a fuse popped.  Mr. D. later found that the wiring was not securely or properly installed in the fixture box and the wires had burned through the electrical tape.  Now it makes sense that the closet light would flicker in and out at any old time.  That was a great fire waiting to happen.
The closet was the white rectangle to the left.  The hole in the ceiling was the fire hazard. 
They removed the carpet and decided that half of the hardwood had to go.  The planks in one of the rooms could not be saved.  The saving grace is that the planks can be used to patch other areas of the house.
There's where our bed used to be
Mr. D. will be back in the morning with his flooring guy to make the plan of attack for the rest of the flooring in the house.

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