Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3

We have closets!  Mr. D and the boys got them drywalled, taped, and mudded.  Now that we've seen the actual size of the room we are wondering how much of our furniture will actually fit back in.  Of course we worry about where the TV and satellite receiver will go.  In the old room they easily sat on our dresser.  In this room we are not sure where the dresser will go, and if that placement will allow for comfortable watching from bed.

Matt and Mr. D. came up with an ingenious idea for our satellite receiver.  Hang the TV on the wall, and steal a little space from the ceiling of G's closet for a built in shelf to hold the receiver.  Mr. D. will deck it out with a 4-gang outlet so we could possibly put another component in there as well.

The most brilliant thing about it is how he is going to hide the cords.  We did not want the cords to hang down the wall to an outlet.  Mr. D. fashioned a cord chase out of  a length of PVC pipe from the built-in shelf that has an elbow where it comes out of the wall.  Yes, we have a round hole of PVC in the wall, but once the TV is hung you will never see it.  You've got to see it!

M in G's doorway

The ingenious shelf in G's closet.  It will be drywalled off soon

There's the shelf in our room.  It looks weird now, but once it's painted it will blend.  "Oh yeah, you blend."
 The flooring guy, who by the way looks like the lead singer of the Zak Brown Band, will be there in the morning.

He talks like a surfer and isn't sure how gnarly the floors will be under the carpet.  Cross your fingers for quality floors that just need to be sanded and stained so the kids can sleep in their rooms!

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