Friday, February 18, 2011

House Renovation, Day 5

Mr. D and the boys are just about done.  They worked really hard this whole week to get the place ready for Zak Brown to work on the floors. 

I stopped in at lunch each day this week to check on their progress and see if they needed me to answer any questions or make any final choices.  I’ve noticed that they guys get drive-through lunch each day and have a picnic in one of the rooms.  On Tuesday I told them to sit at our table to have a more proper meal.  Mr. D. declined saying that this is what they do when they are on the job.  No matter how much I pushed they had their picnic in the bedroom.

I know that I’ve gotten sick of eating out all week since the kitchen is a dusty disaster and cooking food in that does not sound very good.  No matter how much I wipe down the counters, the dust remains.  I decided to give Mr. D and the boys a home-cooked meal for lunch today.  Last night I put together our favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crock pot.  When I got up this morning, voila, lunch.  Mr. D. was happy that they would not have to go out today.  I warmed up some soup at lunchtime and made them sit at our table.   Maybe those brownie points will put a spring in their step to work faster!

At lunchtime, one of the boys was plastering the corner bead around the former pocket door opening.  Although it’s not the size I wanted, it is going to be a great addition to the flow of the house.  Mr. D. and his other son were fitting the new doors on all the rooms down the hall. 

Did I already tell you about the doors?  Since we needed a new on for the new bedroom, we figured we’d go all out and make all the doors down the hall match.

Zak Brown was getting ready to stain the kids’ rooms.  I already picked the color for the final stain yesterday and he had G's floor already stained.  It looks amazing!

You can see the awesome 6-panel doors that need some stain once the weather gets nicer.

As of this point we had not decided if we were going to stay at home tonight or go to a hotel.  This depended on how much progress Zak made on the floors.  He said that he would be able to stain and put both coats of urethane down so staying in the house was not going to be possible.

Boy was he right!  After work Matt and I zipped home to pack a bag for a few days.  We could only stand being in the house for a few minutes before the fumes became too overwhelming.  We went in and out in shifts until we had, what we thought, was enough to sustain us away from home.

Matt used some of those accumulated hotel points to get us a place just on the other side of the expressway from home.  So any trips back to the house would not take too long.  
Of course Lotso Huggin' Bear had to come, too

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