Saturday, February 19, 2011

House Renovation, Day 6

After we got G back to town we went to the house to check on Zak Brown's progress.  He spent the day laying the planks in our room so he can sand, stain and seal the floors on Monday.  Don't be alarmed by the photo below.
Love the zebra stripes?
Zak Brown wanted to mix some of the planks that were in our room before the remodel with new planks.  That will give a more cohesive look to the room.  Hence the zebra stripes.  On Monday that will no longer be a problem.

G saw that it was dirty and started to clean up.  
Keep up the great work, kid!
The house still had the lovely urethane smell, so we had the right idea to stay at the hotel for one more night.  We did stop at the hardware store to get some odor removing gel packs for the house.  We hope they work because we're coming home tomorrow.  We zipped back to the hotel for a little swim.  While I had the greatest of intentions of swimming, I actually forgot to pack my suit in the craziness of last night's packing.  Oh well, I sat in the sunshine by the window while Matt and the kids had fun.

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