Sunday, February 27, 2011

Done x 1 1/2

The bedrooms are complete, but the pocket door project is not quite finished.  Zak Brown was back this morning to patch the floor.

The hole from the wall was temporarily filled with a piece of 2x4 (random thought - is it still a 2x4 if it has been cut shorter?) and covered with a tarp.  Shockingly G has not bothered to lift it up once.

Zak Brown thought it would be best to fill the spot properly so when he returns to stain and urethane the floor he can get started right away.  Here are some before and afters of the pocket door project.....

I think that's a nice difference, don't you?  Just a few more weeks and the construction dust will be adios for good.

We had a pretty full agenda for today.  The list was mostly created so we'd be out of Zak Brown's way, but the list lasted well into dinner time and Zak Brown was done!

1. Drop M at Spanish class and go to butcher shop
2. Zip back at home to let Zak Brown in and do a few dishes
3. Pick up M and get emissions test done on car
4. Go to the mall for new shoes for the kids, Matt's birthday present, and some make-up
5. Grab lunch on the way home
6. Put G down for a nap and work on report cards
7. Go to Home Depot for primer & stain (Talk to Matt on Skype while he's in Germany in the parking lot)
8. Go to grocery store at the height of the dinner hour with a boy who really, really didn't want to sit in a cart
9. Make dinner for the kids while preparing for dinner with my parents tomorrow afternoon.
10. Prime the pocket door opening so we don't get plaster dust on us every time we rub past it.

We didn't have the chance to get to Staples today, but there's always tomorrow.

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