Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Crushing On....

I am taking a break from the incessant dusting and cleaning to share some of my latest crushes.

Well I have two non-stop crushes

After these cuties...

On the Web
Skype is probably the best invention for our family right now.  Matt's job keeps him away long hours, so it's nice to talk to daddy during breakfast.  The best is that he can call my cell from his laptop for mere pennies.
Mornin' Daddy!
E-mealz has been a lifesaver for our family.  For a reasonable subscription fee I can download weekly menus and shopping lists.  The meals suggested require few ingredients and not a ton of time.  While I don't usually follow the whole week's plan, it helps with the weekly question, "What should we have for dinner this week?"

One Born Every Minute on Lifetime - This show is not as hokey as anything TLC puts together.  The show has its share of sad moments, but it definitely makes me want to snuggle a little baby.  Notice I did not say I wanted a baby, I just want to snuggle a baby.

The Amazing Race - We have learned so much about the world from this show.  It has played a big hand in our lengthy To Visit list.

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