Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Next Steps

A contractor that lives in the neighborhood stopped over last Tuesday to give us an idea for the cost of putting up the wall.  He's done several renovations in the neighborhood so he's intimately aware of the inner workings of our house model.  He dropped off his quote by the end of the week and we were pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the project.

One quote does not a project make, so a colleague recommended another contractor that came over tonight.   We should have his quote by the end of the week.  He did say his price would be cheaper if we decide to go forward with it in February rather than March.  Concrete can be poured in March and our wall project is small potatoes compared to a house addition (sniff, sniff).  He should have some time to put together a well thought out quote since there's supposedly a blizzard coming our way tonight!

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