Monday, March 7, 2011

13 hours later

We have a circuit breaker.

It may not be the most glamorous way to spend your hard-earned money, but for the safety of our family it was a necessity.  The electrician, Mr. C., came back to bring our house up to this century.  Mr. C. is recommended by Mr. D. and the boys.

For those born after 1980 - This is Mr. Cunningham from Happy Days.  
The Fonz called him Mr. C.  Our Mr. C. is not nearly this old. 
Mr. C. is an interesting guy; I think he has adult ADD.  He has a lot to say and switches topics as they fly into his mind.  That being said he worked straight through all day, and into the night.

The other interesting thing is the electricity in our house.  Looking at our panel you would see at least two auxiliary boxes and other random bits of conduit.  When I came home at lunch he gave me the rundown of what he'd done so far and a few head shakes about what others had done.

Fast forward to dinner time tonight.  I've picked up the kids and we're home for dinner, but there is still no power in the house.  The kids are cranky and G is hanging from the refrigerator handle demanding "Milk!"  The best I could do was open the door super fast and hope that breakfast's sippy cup is on the top shelf.  Then what do we hear......

The whir of the fridge! We have dinner!

As we continued with our evening, Mr. C. continued his day in the basement.  When the clock ticked past 8pm he lumbered upstairs with all of his tools.  Done.  I knew that he had not eaten since breakfast so I made him a pb & j sack lunch for the road.  Yeah, I'm a food pusher.

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