Wednesday, March 16, 2011


With every good comes a bad, right?

Well this week is the pinnacle of the bad.  Matt has been traveling pretty much non-stop since the middle of February.  LA, NY, Düsseldorf, Minnesota, and other little places in between.  In the time that he was gone a wall was constructed and half of the floors were refinished.

As a teacher there are four days out of the year that I have to work in the evening: Fall Curriculum Night, November Parent-Teacher Conferences, March Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Spring Open House.  Since we do not live super close to our families it's best that Matt is in town on these days.  We know well in advance of these dates so no problems, in my memory, exist.

Then there's this week.  There was a possibility of a quick one day to Brooklyn, but it could also happen anytime in the next three weeks.  This week just so happens to be March Parent-Teacher Conferences and Thursday is the day when I have to work until the evening.  M has a few days off and is going to spend a few days with Nana & Papa.  That will leave G and Matt to have some male bonding time on Thursday. 

Well all of a sudden there was a potential trip back to Minnesota this week.

"No problem, you just have to be home on Thursday."

I walked in from work  on Tuesday and Matt said that a trip to Minnesota is scheduled for Thursday.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you correctly.  I think you just said you're going to Minnesota on Thursday."

I heard correct folks.

"Well, you'd better find a sitter for G since I have to work late."

Our usual swimming babysitter has class on Thursdays so she is out.  Matt called our daycare provider to see if she could keep him late.  No dice, it's St. Patrick's Day for goodness sakes.

Today Nana and Papa came over to watch M at swimming and then take her home for the few days.  As Matt and I tried to have a civil conversation about who was going to watch G while he went to Minnesota, Nana and Papa saved the day to say they'd take him home til Friday.

Nana & Papa to the rescue!

While they took her to swimming, I used the electronic babysitter (aka a movie) to pack both kids during Matt's conference call with China.

As of now both kids are with Nana & Papa, and Matt has some splainin' to do.

I think this is a Calgon moment.

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