Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did You Hear It?

You had to listen carefully, but when I turned off the shower this morning I heard it.  I heard the birds singing outside the window!  Spring is on its way!

Good Morning Sunshine!
I don't think I posted a photo of Zak Brown's pacthwork of the pocket door space.

He put some kind of wood glue/spackle over the new planks to fill in the seams.  He will sand that off in a few weeks.  We are trying like heck to not trip over the loose edge of carpet.  Surprisingly G has no interest in the very tempting flap of carpet.  At least the tack strip is removed so no Tetanus is coming our way.  Once he sands the kitchen and living room, it will look like it was always there.  

The electrical change over from fuse box to circuit breaker is going to happen.  It has weighed on our minds quite a bit since I saw the sad state of the wires in our house.  From what we have been told a switch to a circuit breaker and replacing the current cloth-covered wire to up to code wire would take one day for the circuit breaker and one day to pull and replace wire.  We need to have a sit down with whichever electrician we choose to teach us a bit about our pending purchase.  We seem to be on the cusp of high season for construction so we're going to make a decision in the next few days to hopefully capitalize on the slow season.

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