Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinner for 1+

Dinner is a little sketchy at our house lately.  With Matt's ever-changing work schedule I am often cooking dinner for just the kids and me.  I can only handle drive-thru dinner so many times in a week.  I have not quite embraced this new dinner situation as I thought I would.

My waistline is not taking kindly to this lifestyle change.  Now that I think about it, my whole body is not taking this well either.  I am exhausted by the time the kids go to bed and have no ambition to do anything physical.  Things have to change.  Just because Matt is not home does not mean that I should subject the family to a less than wholesome meal.  Here in lies the dilemma, by the time I get home with the kids we are all starving and not in the mood to wait for Chef Mom to put dinner on the table.  If I do make dinner at home I do not present the kids with the recommended amount of vegetables.  I need to get back into the meal planning gig, fast.

Today I am in the middle of planning a set of meals to get us through the week, and maybe some leftovers for my lunch.

Here's the plan for the week
Sunday - Spaghetti & Meatballs
Monday - Baked Potatoes with bacon, broccoli, cheese, etc
Tuesday - Pancakes (and maybe some eggs)
Wednesday - Shrimp & Tortellini (My kids LOVE this!  Popcorn shrimp and refrigerator tortellini - I put mine with romaine lettuce and Kraft Toasted Sesame dressing) 
Thursday - Chicken Quesedillas (Already in the freezer from my favorite meal prep business in town)
Friday - Chicken Pot Pie (This is already in the freezer - I just have to remember to take it out on Thursday to thaw.  This is my first time making the Pioneer Woman's Pot Pie recipe.  I hope it's good!)

We are also on the way to Trader Joe's so maybe we'll find more inspiration there.

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