Sunday, March 6, 2011

New closets!

Matt has been working a lot!  He spent a mid-week through last weekend in Düsseldorf, Germany for a trade show, home for 18 hours, then on to LA for a day, and end the week in NYC.  Whew!

This was the first weekend he was home were we could do some more work in the house.  Our closets were on the top of the list today.  Since we have down sized our room so much, we wanted to make the best of the closet space.  We made the trek to The Container Store, with the kids.  We knew it was a challenge to our sanity to take G since the stroller is not his favorite spot these days.  We basically tag-teamed the closet planning process.  I told the lady what I wanted and passed it off to Matt once she started talking measurements.  Thankfully there were many, many things to keep G busy.  I don't think The Container Store meant for the props to be played with, but it bought us at least an extra 20 minutes in the store.   

He only knocked one stack of buckets all over the floor.  Not too bad!
Did you know The Container Store has a teacher discount?  It's 15% and it's awesome when you are buying a closet.  Teacher friends, sign up!

We hit G's shopping time limit and decided it was in no one's best interest for us to wait for them to cut our shelves.  We zipped home for lunch, put G down for a nap, and I painted our closet.  Matt went to gather our closet purchase.

Once we got all the pieces home it was time for Matt to get to work.
Before - check out that paint job


After! Shelves from floor to ceiling

After! Long & short hanging
A short time later - voila!

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