Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recipe Club

Have I ever told you about Recipe Club?  Each month some neighbors and I get together for Recipe Club.  We’ve been doing this since August of 2006.  We’ve grown to a group of ten, although it’s rare for all ten of us to attend each month.  I've been absent for the last few months due to Matt's ever changing work schedule.  

The hostess picks a theme (30-minute meal, crockpot, Mom’s recipes, Julie & Julia, and Homemade Beauty Products) and we all bring an entrée that fits the theme.  The hostess provides beverages and dessert.  As the years have gone on some themes have emerged for a few of the participants:

One person usually says her meal is really bad and did not work out well or she had to call her mom or sister for help.  It always turns out fine.

When we gather in the kitchen to share what we brought I always share first.

One person typically makes up her recipe.  She just uses what she thinks sounds good, and it always turns out good.

One person’s recipes are usually very straightforward and super easy to make.

One person’s husband often makes her recipes because his work schedule allows him the time in the late afternoon to make her recipe. 

Aside from the food we love to have the time to talk.  Many of us have children that are the same age or very close in age.  We can ask the "does your kid do this?" or "what do I do when my kid...?" questions.  The time away from husbands and children is like a mini vacation.  Some of the recipes from Recipe Club have become our family favorites like Josh’s Chicken Enchiladas and Shrimp and Tortellini Salad.  

This month was Soup and Spring Rolls.  We could make one of the themes or both.  I chose to make soup that turned out, eh OK.  I don't think I will make it anytime soon.  The part that was comical about this month was the fact that we needed so many bowls!  The hostess made a fruit soup and chocolate soup for dessert. 
Greek Lemon & Chicken soup, Sweet Cabbage, Meatball & Pasta soup, and Chicken & Green Chile soup

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