Friday, March 25, 2011

A Spring Break Miracle

It’s Spring Break week at our house.  Not that it feels like spring in any way, shape, or form.  The weather forecasters plan for a cold and snowy week.  Matt was home for the first two days of the week and is now gone until Friday.  Thankfully he could hold off his flight until early Wednesday morning so I could go to Recipe Club on Tuesday night.

My goal for this Spring Break week was to catch up on some movies, sleep, and get ahead of my nemesis, the laundry.

For movies, I’ve watched the third Twilight movie, Up In the Air, The Proposal, Karate Kid (the new version), and Swiss Family Robinson.  Have you ever watched Swiss Family Robinson?  What a fantastic family movie.  M and I watched this yesterday and loved it.  When she talked to Matt tonight she could not stop talking about it.  You should see it.

For sleep, we’ve been keeping the kids up past their bedtime, and thankfully they have been sleeping in to make up for it.  An 8:00 wake up is a beautiful thing.  M joins me in bed and turns on the TV while I snooze a bit more.  When G wakes up I bring him to bed with us and he will lie in bed with us until his belly growls for breakfast.  I think we’ve had three pajama days so far.

Finally the laundry - It is the last thing we want to do on a weekend, and it often ends up in a heap on the downstairs couch.  The recent construction put laundry even further down the weekend list since we’ve been trying to get the house put back together.  Our couch has now been named Mt. Laundrus.  I spent pretty much the entire day on Wednesday folding and putting away laundry.  The folding was not as bad as I expected, but the putting away was tricky, especially for M.  This is the time of year that I have to go through her drawers and purge the clothes that no longer fit.  That slowed the whole process a bit.  You will be happy to know every sock is matched.   Matt will be so impressed when he gets home.

Mt. Laundrus + another basket behind the couch to the left

No laundry in the washer
No laundry in the dryer - aka Dresser #2
No laundry on the floor
No laundry in the baskets - aka Dresser #3
We have our couch back!  For a few days, at least


  1. I caught up on the laundry and cleaned the house as well. Of course I read alot too! At least the weather was good reading weather!

  2. Agreed! I did not mind being in the basement since the weather was stinky.