Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You Notes

I think it’s time for another round of thank you notes

Dear Lottery,
     I tried twice last week to get in touch with you.  It seems that you answered someone else instead.  Maybe we can get together after Saturday night’s drawing?

Dear Guy that pulled out in front of me,
     Thank you for berating me with your middle finger in your rearview mirror because your spectacular driving made me get a little too close to your bumper.  Next time I will anticipate your rude and inconsiderate driving and roll out a red carpet for you - instead of blowing bubbles with my gum to show how uninterested I was with what your digit had to say. 

Dear Summer Vacation,
     Thank you a thousand times over for your annual appearance.  I certainly look forward to our visit this year.
Dear Lady at swimming,
     Thank you for looking your best at the pool tonight.  I really liked your hair.  Next week let’s try to decrease the perfume to just a gallon – I think the two you used tonight were a bit too much. 

Dear Dinner Gods,
     Thank you for providing me the strength tonight to cook dinner for my children. I just couldn’t do drive through for dinner again.  When you get the chance, I could use your help for some more dinner ideas for one adult and two children. 


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