Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little Smelly For A Lot Of Pretty

I left the house early this morning before Zak Brown arrived.

He never called me today.  That could be a good thing as in the project moved forward as planned and I did not need to be involved.  Or something could have come up and he never showed up.  So, I stopped by the house after work to see what was happening.  Whew, the project moved forward!

The stairs leading into the kitchen
The dining room & living room
I have no idea when Zak Brown left, so I did not have a good gauge if the stain was wet.  I went no further than the doorway threshold.  I've got to say that was about all I could handle because the fumes were overwhelming.  Tomorrow brings the final coat and one step closer to the main floor being done!  Notice I said the main floor......We still have a basement.

Meanwhile, M and I are in a hotel for the night since the fumes are horrible for us to inhale for an extended period of time.  We had a friend and her daughter meet us at the hotel so the kids could have pizza and swim.  Who doesn't like a Tuesday night playdate?

M kept busy while I dried her hair by talking to Matt.

She's got it good, eh?

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