Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dust Is Done!

The floors are done! do they look  Who knew that they could look so great.  However, the dust it left behind is not so attractive.  I suppose this is a reason to clean the house obnoxiously well this weekend.  I took the afternoon off yesterday to start putting the house back together.  Mr. C was there to start replacing the wire on the main floor.  As we both worked we chatted about our kids and general chit-chat.  Come to find out he grew up in the same hometown and Matt and me!  He went to a different high school, however, we could reminisce about places we liked to go in town.

We are now back to a family of four.  When Mr. C finished up yesterday I left to pick up G.  I am again so thankful for our parents who watched G for us while Zak Brown finished the floors.  

This might be the last time we see Zak Brown on the blog. 
When I walked into my parents’ house G gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever gotten.  For the next two hours he made up for his daily quota of calling my name.  He demanded my attention from the moment I walked in the door.   I think I heard “Mama” about 200 times.  When we got home Matt and M were not quite back yet.  Once M joined us downstairs, he called her name and gave her a huge squeeze, too!  She was pretty happy to see this love from her brother.  

We are going to wait another day or so before returning the furniture to its rightful place to let the stain cure a bit more.  In the meantime, the living room is an echo chamber for the kids to scream and play flashlight tag.  We have to get some more felt pads for the feet of all the living room & dining room furniture.  I do wonder how quickly G will figure out that with just a little of his brute strength that he can slide the furniture across the room.  I give it three days.

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