Sunday, April 3, 2011

The end is in sight

We are finally getting all of our belongings put into place after the room renovation.  However, more upheaval and changes are in store for us this week.

Remember Zak Brown?

He is coming back on Monday to start the final leg of the floor refinishing - the kitchen, hallway, and living room.  Once again G was shipped off to the grandparents for a few days.  My dad helped us prepare for Zak Brown's arrival by relocating the stove and the couch to the back porch.  We made sure take full advantage of our hillbilly porch and piled the living room furniture in there, too.  Too bad there was not a gas hookup out there so we could have cooked some dinner out there.

After the three of us (Matt, M, and I) got back from dinner it was time to clear the kitchen counters, linen closet, and hallway coat closet/pantry.  It's a good thing G is gone because he would have a blast playing in the boxes of spaghetti sauce and canola oil in his room. 

Then on Thursday Mr. C. will be back to start replacing wire on the main floor of the house.  This is a continuation of his project to add a circuit breaker a few weeks ago.   

His return to our house later in the week will increase the renovation snowball just a bit more.  Since we got rid of the entertainment center last week, we really started to enjoy the extra space in the living room.  Now, we think mounting the television on the wall will be the best option to keep maximum floor space.  There are two problems with this.  One is that we do not have electricity wired to where we need it.  Second is that we do not actually own a television that can be mounted on the wall.  This should be interesting....

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