Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mr. C. is #1 on our list - not in a good way.  Excuse the rant right from the start.

The move to the top spot has been a slow move, but today sealed his spot.

Let me take you back to the beginning of the relationship. Mr. C worked on our house when Mr. D and the boys were here to construct the wall. Mr. C. was very cordial and appeared to work efficiently. He was recommended by Mr. D. as a professional to think about working with to replace our fusebox with a new 20th century circuit breaker. Mr. C. followed up a few weeks later to see if we were wanted him to work for us. We tried to call a few other electricians, but they either never called back or never showed up to give us an estimate. We really trusted Mr. D., so Mr. C. looked like our best option.

Mr. C. arrived at 7:30 on his first day and I left with the kids. He worked most of the day and ran into a few issues, as expected since many things are questionable in our house. He made sure we had electricity for the evening and said he'd be back the next day.

The next day I did not hear from him, but had no expectation of a phone call or text. As I was grabbing my bag to leave work, I received a text at 4PM saying that he didn't make it to the house that day. OK, things happen. Let's reschedule for the next day as Matt would flip if he arrived home from his trip and it wasn't done. The next scheduled day comes and he arrived around lunchtime and finished up. (That's number 1)

He went out of town for a week or so and we reconnected when he got back.

We set up some dates for him to start replacing the original, crispy, fire hazard, wire in the upstairs. He started the first day we could come back after Zak Brown finished the floors.

We figured he would not get a lot accomplished on this first day as he had to figure out how the rooms were wired and make a plan from there. He worked until late afternoon. He'd be back in the morning. Around 6:30 the next morning I receive a text that he has to get materials for the project and will be to the house around 10:30. Curious where he was going for materials, but whatever. Several texts around 11:30 indicate that he was still on his way. 12:30 was his official arrival time. He worked until around 2 and then called it a day (That's number 2)

Matt and Mr. C. made a plan for him to come back to the house on Saturday morning at 8AM to install an outlet on the wall so we can hang the television.  Can you see where this is going?  8AM came and went, without a phone call or text.  An 8:40 text and 11:15 phone call was answered with a 12:15 phone call to say that he was sick and just woke up.  I talked to him when he called to gravel about the no show, which sent me into an eloquent ripping of a new one.  I reminded him that this was now the third time that he had not shown up as promised, and that we had to decide if we even wanted him back to do the work.  His reply, "that's harsh."  OMG, that sent me into my "We are the two nicest people that you will ever meet (he interjected that he agreed) and I countered with when you piss us off we are two of the meanest people you could meet.  I was going to get back to him after I talked to Matt.  (That's number 3)

This is where the title comes in. 

Shortly after his phone call I receive the following text:

"Holly, I understand you and Matt are flustered with me today.  I didn't intend for this.  I need to redeem business with Matt and you.  I can assure you this won't happen again." (foreshadowing!)  Flustered?  Flustered!  I have an F word that I would like to use and flustered isn't it. 

The decision was that if he could come the next day (Sunday) to install the outlet we'd be on the right track.

He arrived at 10:30 and worked until 1:30.  He had some jobs on Monday and Tuesday so he would be back on Wednesday to get back to work on rewiring.

This brings us to today.  Mr. C. was to arrive at 7:30, but at 6:30 I get this text:

"Holly, I have a family emergency this morning.  I will not be able to make it." (That's number 4)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  I almost threw my phone out the window.  I called Matt and we both fumed for a few.  We knew it was time to call Mr. D. to let him know that his recommendation was not quite panning out the way he probably would like.  I could tell in his voice that he was disappointed and just as mad as we are.  My point was not to tattle on Mr. C, but I think Mr. D. needed to know.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I get this text:

Is 7:30 tomorrow okay?  I talked with Mr. D.  I will get this done ASAP for you and Matt."

Here is my dilemma, this guy has started our project and we just can't muster the strength to find another electrician.  Will the new guy say we need to redo some of Mr. C.'s work?  Will Mr. C. do a crappy job now that he knows we are mad?  Goodness gracious.  

I called Mr. C. and gave this ultimatum, he can come back tomorrow and Friday.  The job will be done on Friday.  If it is not done on Friday he is done on Friday.  Capish amigo?  I think he understands, but I'm not betting on those odds.

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