Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a little bit

Yesterday Matt and my dad moved a little furniture to prepare for the living room floor refinishing.  I wanted them to move the furniture to the basement for the duration of the project.  In order to get to the basement stairs they had to take the furniture out the front door and around to the back door.  They used their Tetris skills to figure out the proper angle to push the couch down the basement stairs.  They pursed their lips and tilted their heads trying to see how it would fit.  Dad started to take the stair railing off while Matt measured the couch and the stair opening.  I really wanted the couch downstairs instead of on the sunporch since the thought of potential bugs hanging out on my couch gives me the heebie geebies.

Dad - "Do you really think it's going to fit?"  
Matt figured that the opening was "just about the size of the couch."  The official decision was that "just about the size of the couch" was not a precise enough measurement to figure out halfway down the stairs that it was not enough.  The couch was going to the porch.  I guess the vacuum will get a good work out when the couch comes back inside.

Good bye nasty, gross, worn, stained, blech carpet.  You've served your purpose.  Rest in peace at the dump.
Zak Brown and his co-worker arrived a little after 8:00 this morning.  I was already at work, so all seemed to be OK.

Until around 9:15.

My co-worker tells me that she hears my phone ringing - this can't be good.

Zak Brown tells me that when they pulled up the carpet in the living room there was a problem with the transition from the original floors under the carpet to the newer floors in the hallway.  The planks matched up on the long side, but the short ends were off "just a bit."  Multiply that "just a bit" times twenty boards and it becomes a "whole heck of a lot."

We had a few choices that needed to be made in a short amount of time:

1.  He could lay a few planks running the opposite direction that would follow the path of the just removed carpet.  The planks would not be a straight line from the hall closet to the front door since they are offset by a foot or so.
2.  Re-lay the hallway planks so they will match properly
3.  Re-lay some of the living room planks so they will match properly

Each one has their pros and cons
The planks in the opposite direction would essentially section off the hallway and entryway from the living room.  Much the same as the carpet did.

Re-laying the planks in either option two or option three would cost additional money and time, but it would give us the look we wanted.

Ultimately we chose to have Zak Brown re-lay the planks.  He said that he would measure both areas to determine which option would be more cost effective.  Turns out that relaying the living room planks was the more cost effective option. 
Hello pretty, unstained, beautiful floors.  Welcome to the family.
 He was able to sand 90% of the area today.  Tomorrow he will finish sanding and the start the stain!

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