Friday, May 13, 2011

Ants are smarter than me

We've had some freeloaders in our house for quite some time now, and I think it's time they start paying rent.

It all started back at the beginning of April.  It was a Sunday night.  It was around 11:00, almost bed time.  Matt was wrapping up at his desk and said "Uh oh," followed by a long silence as he bent over to put something under his desk.

Now Matt has a way of letting silence go a smidge too long, and by nature I'm a freaker-outer.  His long silences give my brain a lot of time to freak out and think the worst.  Uh oh what?  Did we take in water?  Is there a huge spider?  Did you throw out your back?  No, it must be a mouse.  What?!

"We've got ants," he moaned.  I immediately jumped up from the couch because the mere mention of ants gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Those little bastards had found a nice warm spot under Matt's computer mega surge protector.  They told all of their friends about this place because there were hundreds of them.  We have not had ants in our house for quite a while so there was not a drop of indoor ant killer to be had.  Doesn't that give you a cozy feeling going to bed on a Sunday night?

After work on Monday afternoon I zipped to the Ace Hardware to get some Tarro liquid.  It came highly recommended by friends and the girl at Ace.  Tarro is called a sweet bait because it is a sugar base laced with Borax.  Yum, yum!  The ants are to eat the bait and take some of it back to the colony and give it to the queen.  Once everyone has had a great meal, they all die!  Problem solved.  The ants sure liked their little snack, and they brought all of their friends.  The pieces of paper with the bait soon looked fuzzy because of all the ants.

They decided to leave from under the surge protector and move to one of the corners in the basement.  

Let's fast forward to today, May 11, 2011.  The ants are still in the same corner in the basement.  It is not for a lack of trying on our part.  Several bottles of Tarro, Raid solid baits, and a powder shaken around the perimeter of the house have not reduced their numbers at all.  I think they are now making fun of us because the granules they use to make their nests ("frass" as I've learned it to be called) are showing up on the bits of foil with the Tarro.  Seriously, die already!

Can you hear them laughing at us?  I sure can.
We have nickel and dimed this problem enough.  It's time to call in the big guns.  An exterminator is coming on Friday.  Look out my little creepy stowaways your days are numbered.  Muhahahahahah!

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