Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Wheels have a verbal and physical presence in our house this week.

Wheels is G's new word.  Since his birthday there are a heck of a lot of wheels around this house.  The best part is that he pronounces it "wee-ohs".  Love him.

Both kids now have bikes to ride.  As you know M's training wheels were taken off last weekend and she's having a great time showing off her wobbly new skills.

G got a Big Wheel for his birthday.  I have to brag about this Big Wheel for a short bit.  With the help of my sister (T!) I've collected Pampers diaper points for quite some time.  As I came to the realization that I had a couple thousand points (yeah, babies wear a lot of diapers), I should see what I could get for them.  Low and behold there was a rockin' Big Wheel available.  Not wanting to miss out I ordered it in October and held on to it until the big birthday.  He was not sure of it at first, but as soon as he saw that he could be like M - look out!

Not to the pedals, yet!
I foresee a lot of time on the sidewalk this summer!

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