Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Our first full week of summer was quite uneventful.  I am completely OK with that.  The kids slept past 7:30.  The best is that M knows how to turn the TV on all by herself, so it's just G we have to get up for.  We played outside a lot

I'm still waiting for the summer weather to show up.  I am yet to buy a pool pass because of it. 

Since Matt works from home he needed to get out of the house on Friday night.  We took his car out for a car wash.  G was undecided if he liked it or not.

Then we drove for ice cream and a spin near the airport.

When we put him to bed that night we could hear him saying, "Port!  Port!" each time an airplane passed over the house.  Fun times.

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