Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ahhhhh, Summer - Can you feel it?

I have to say that we are digging summer.

M is on the park district swim team, which means we have to be at the pool every day.  The swim team also has meets throughout the summer, and a last-minute vacation had us miss the first two and the sign up deadline for the third.  Cross your fingers that I get it together so she can participate in at least one meet.
Practicing form at the edge of the pool

Since Matt is home working, I take G to the pool with us so the clients don't have to hear G have the daily pile-up of Legos and cars.  I certainly work for my money for that hour of the day.  He wants to do laps around the pool getting extremely close to the edge of the pool to point out the depth numbers.  "Uh number," he has to say each time we walk by one.  Thank goodness there are a couple of ducks that like to take a morning swim in the pool; that keeps him enamored for about three minutes.  I love Tuesdays and Fridays because we get to see the garbage man twice!  The first time is when he goes through the neighborhood and the second is when he drives right by the fence to collect the pool trash.  A toddler's dream.  

Being that swimming is in the morning, there is potential for some sketchy weather.  We have shivered, sweat, and been soaked in the three weeks we've been going.
A freezing, rainy day at the pool

A perfect morning
She loves it and so we will keep on going.

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