Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California Vacation - Day 1

The family spent a long weekend in California just before the 4th of July.  We were uncertain if a vacation was going to be possible due to ridiculously high airfares.  Matt, the Master of Airfare, found a great deal for $200/each.  The caveat to that fare was that we left at 10 PM.

We decided to wait to tell M that we were going for two reasons - 1) it would be fun to surprise her and 2) we didn't want to rehash the details of the trip multiple times in the days leading up to departure.

M had been begging to go to the park all day, but the timing was not working out with camp and G's nap.  So we promised we'd go after we had dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.  We packed our luggage while M was at camp that afternoon, so she was not suspicious at all.  We all got our shoes on around 6:50 and at 7:00 the taxi arrived.  She had a puzzled look on her face and then Matt rolled the luggage out.  She immediately asked if our destination was California.  How did she know?

G was the most confused of the lot.  Why was he in a taxi.  The whole way to the airport he giggled and kicked his feet saying, "Taxi, taxi, taxi."  I think that would have been enough for him if the taxi just went around the block.

Matt and I travel pretty well.  I want to leave really early and he wants to leave at the last minute, so between the two of us we get there at a great time.  However, traveling with G on an airplane for the first time posed some logistical issues.  We now had to bring a carseat and stroller along with our two roll aboard luggage and kids' carryon bags.  Traffic to the airport was non-existent so we had a decent amount of time to kill before boarding the plane.  Our airport has a kids' play area that is a mock up of an airplane.  The kids had a great time flying the plane and loading the luggage.   Again G would have been happy if we went home in a taxi after this.

Around 9:00 we moseyed our way to the gate since we would board around 9:15.  Make that we should board at 9:15.  The gate agent had not shown up to the gate at this time, which was curious.  By 9:30 there was still no gate agent.  Finally one person showed up and got things rolling.  We left the gate at 10:20 and finally took off at 11:00. 

I have little recollection of the airplane ride other than G's excitement with the people working outside on the ground.

Once we took off the goal was to get him to sleep and keep him somewhat quiet.  M was happy as a clam to play her DS and take a snooze.  G on the other hand was "all done" right around the time the security video finished.  Matt saved the day and got him to finally fall asleep.  G camped out on my lap until we landed.

We navigated LAX quite easily and got to our hotel in Anaheim at 2:00.  That's 2:00 Pacific time folks - otherwise known as 4AM at home.  Yeah my kids partied until 4AM. 

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