Monday, July 25, 2011

California Vacation - Day 2

Since we got in so late the night before, we knew today would not be an up and at 'em kind of day.  We had to get a few provisions at Target before starting our vacation.  We decided to pack only enough diapers to get us through a day and buy some when we got there.  The goal was to not waste precious luggage space with diapers.  We also needed to get some milk and snacks for the kids.
G taking my picture and M playing a game at Target

Our one goal for the day was to see the movie Cars 2.  G loves the original Cars.  McQueen and Mater (a.k.a A Queen and Mayer) are his favorites.  M saw her first movie when she was two, so we figured G would be good to go especially seeing his two BFFs.  The best part for us was a free ticket from a lady outside the theater who had been stood up by her friend.  She was going to see the show and wasn't going to let a ticket go to waste - Score!

Well, that was not the case.  He was more interested in climbing the stairs and running in the hallway outside the theater than actually watching the show.  Matt and I tag teamed him so we could each see a decent bit of the movie.  Luckily Matt was able to get a good hold on him while they were at the bottom of the stadium seating and he was finally enamored with the show.  I guess we will have to go see it on a date night without the kids :)

Can it be more beautiful?
 After the movie we were starving for lunch.  Where else does one go for lunch in Cali but the In 'N Out Burger.  'Nuff said.

We took lunch back to the hotel and put G down for a nap.  That boy was tired; we had to wake him up at 5:00!  Several years ago we ate a fabulous meal at Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen in Orange.  So tonight for dinner we decided go back to Orange to see what they had to offer.  Our meal was not nearly as good as Gabbi's.  I would say we ate the most expensive mediocre meal for dinner.  One appetizer and three entrees plus one beer was over $70.  Not cool.

Taking my picture again

Playing a game while waiting for dinner
A quick stop at Starbucks rounded out the night.  We got the kids to bed right away because tomorrow is going to be awesome!

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