Monday, July 11, 2011


I found a moment to steal away from the family this weekend by myself.  I had spent, what felt like, the whole day in the car with the kids.  I only went on a few errands, but it allowed for some quiet contemplation.

Two recent situations that have happened to colleagues have consumed my thoughts as of late.  I often think of how I would handle these situations.

One colleague unexpectedly lost her husband.  They were out of town visiting family when he passed away.  Both of her parents passed away within the last two years and now her husband.  Matt is my best friend - not having our nightly discussions, problem solving what life throws at us, or snuggling on the couch is something I can't imagine being without. 

A second colleague is grieving over the loss of her son.  He was born with a condition that made life outside the womb impossible.  She knew this was a possibility for a good portion of her pregnancy.  I am thankful that she and her husband have a strong faith in God.  Although they are grieving, they are comforted knowing he is in heaven and fulfilling a greater good.  I don't know if I could be as strong as them if in the same situation.

My mom recently told me a story she heard about making your children feel important everyday.  When you see your children first thing in the morning, at daycare pickup, etc, have a smile on your face that lets them how happy you are to see them.  This is not always easy when trying to navigate the school playground with G when trying to pick up M, but I think a smile will mean so much more than a scowl.

Next time you see them, hug your babies.

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