Friday, August 19, 2011

Back To My Timezone


Eastern time.

Yeah that was a bummer of a wake up.  We had to drive from O-Town back to Tampa for 8AM flights. I was headed home to the kids, and Matt's schedule has him off to NYC for the remainder of the the week. He joined me in line while I waited with the other non-status fliers at my airline after he spent three minutes in his status line at his airline. We parted ways at the trams for our respective concourses. It was odd to say good bye here since I usually stand with the kids in the window waving good bye.

In a turning of the table Matt was delayed due to rain for his 8AM while my flight was the last to get out at 7:50AM.  A short layover in Miami put me back home with just enough time to empty my suitcase to get back to our hometown to pick up the kids.

I think the kids missed me because neither one of them would let me out of their sight or stop from desiring my attention.  Both kids talked non stop and M was dancing while G tried to smother me with hugs.

It's good to be home.

Almost home with Daddy.

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  1. You should have kept going with Matt to NYC. Love that city, especially if Matt's company pays for the hotel!