Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to Work :(

Before school started we took one last trip into the big city.  We walked a fair distance, and were thankful that M's legs kept up!

The fam at the Bean
M started 2nd Grade!  She was so ready to go back to school.  Her brother was driving her insane and the fighting between the two of them was driving me insane!  She was thrilled to learn the name of her teacher.  She had been pining for this particular teacher since last year, and I am so happy that it worked out.

One of the downsides of my job in education is that I am often unable to attend significant events for my own child's education.  The first day of school for her is also the first day of school for me, and I can't in good conscience take that day off.  We try to make the morning special and I demanded that Matt take the day off so he could do drop off and pick up.  Thankfully a text photo after drop off put a smile on my face.

Now for real challenge of the week, getting the kids out the door while Matt travels.  Thankfully I only have to be to work early one day this week.

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