Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Bucket List (aka., Tampa, cont.)

On my last birthday I created a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year.  One activity I wanted to seek out was stand up paddling (SUP).  It was a stretch if I could complete this since our home is no where near a tropical location, which I deemed necessary to fully enjoy this.  I know a company in the big city near us offers stand up paddling but the location is not desirable like Florida.  A quick search on Trip Advisor noted two places in Tampa that offered this activity. Bright and early Sunday morning we made the drive to the beach for the two-hour lesson.

I had a blast!

My group had about ten people and it was super easy to learn. Much the same as riding a bike you need to get your bearings and figure out the whole balance thing. I only fell in Tampa Bay twice :)

The two hours went by fast and I certainly recommend it. My arms did not hurt as much as I thought they would.  My feet actually took the most punishment because I had them flexed the whole time to keep my balance on the board.  Seek out this activity, it's low impact but high reward - I was sweating buckets by the end!

We returned to the hotel in Tampa to wash the salt water away and check out to move to our second hotel of the weekend trio (there are more coming). We double backed near the stand up paddling beach and ended up in North Reding Beach at a Double Tree on the beach. When I say on the beach I mean on the beach. The view is what you think of when staying at beach.

The sun was shining brightly an we high tailed it down there. We rented a cabana for the afternoon and promptly rotated between napping and frolicking in the waves. The waves got pretty big by late in the afternoon so we figured something was brewing.  Until then we were thrilled to get some good FLA sunshine.

After a quick dinner we watched the sunset, got ice cream, and called it a night

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