Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Matt and I zipped down to Florida for the weekend. He has a work thing in Orlando (O-town) on Monday so we decided to make a weekend of it starting in Tampa. This is a kid-less weekend (yahoo!) to be filled with pools, fruity drinks, and no Phineas & Ferb or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The kids are hanging with Nana and Papa this weekend. Typically this is as positive for both kids, but I think M is a bit miffed that we are vacationing without her. She was pretty sassy yesterday when I dropped them off and mom said she was still a bit sassy last night. I wonder if she thinks since we are going to Florida that we will go to Disney World. To help get her out of her funk I called the house to see if she wanted me to read the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She gladly obliged and we spent the next 50 minutes on the phone together. I hope that was an olive branch.

When Matt started his traveling job last year he developed an allegiance with one of the big name airlines. This left a few thousand miles in my frequent flier account from the other big name airline. A little checking found that I had just enough miles for a free round trip ticket! The bummer is that I have to fly solo and switch big planes in Miami.

Ordinarily a plane switch would not be a big deal because Matt knows all there is to know about airport navigation. I follow along blissfully people watching all the way. Today was my big challenge.

I procured a taxi and got to the airport in plenty of time. I did not realize when getting in the security line that I chose the body scanner line. Now I understand why it was shorter than the rest. After assuming the position, I walked to the whipper snapper at the end of the aisle. With a terse look on his face he made eye contact with me but spoke no words. Being a relatively impatient person I gave Opie a half ass grin and the the little head nod that I will often use when trying to subtly let people know they are dorks. After what felt like eternity Opie got a secret message on his earpiece that told him I was good to go past the velvet TSA rope.

My flight was scheduled to take off fat 12:30 so I grabbed some lunch to take aboard. I made my way to the waaaaay back of the 777 and settled in for the ride to Miami. I planned which classes the kids would take from the park district. It was certainly a much quicker flight than to Cali! Once I landed in Miami I had to mosey a whole ten gates to get on to the 38 minute flight to Tampa.

Now I sit and wait for Matt's delayed flight. He started his day in LA so I expect him to be a smidge tired tonight. We will grab some dinner and bask in the FL humidity.

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