Friday, October 7, 2011

The Call of the Wild

Every family should have a call signal.

Not on your cell phone, an actual human to human sound or phrase that gets someone's attention or as a homing beacon.  I find that our family call signal is a wonderful resource when separated at the grocery store or across a large room.  However, in the past two years G has become a self-contained homing beacon.  You can hear that boy anywhere.

I realized the benefit of our family call signal this weekend at our favorite grocery store.  The deli always has an obnoxious wait; imagine grabbing the number 35 and seeing Now Serving #19 (yes, this is an accurate portrayal of all the time).  Seeing this as a colossal time waster, we split the list and try to knock out as much of it as we can before our number is called.  Matt and the kids went one direction and I went another.  The plan was to meet back at the deli.  Matt and the kids arrived at one end of the huddled masses while I had parked our basket at the other end.  As he scanned the crowd I sounded the family call signal and he immediately honed in on my 20.

The use of our family call signal is not limited to just large public places.  I frequently have to use it in the living room, basement, and backyard when calling the names of my family members is ineffective. 

It's a slightly Pavlovian concept, but believe me it works.  You should get one. 

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