Sunday, October 9, 2011

September Slide Show

September certainly zoomed on by this year.  Getting back into the swing of school and all of Matt' traveling had us busier than usual.  Since the month zoomed by, here's a zoom of the month.

A little brown nosing with my principal

My school Facebook posting.  It's tricky to come up with witty school appropriate sayings

Helping dad unclog the driain

Racing with G


Water taxi & Renegade Craft Fair with T

Friday night fun with a tow truck

Too much Friday night fun with a tow truck

Picking tomatoes in Papa's garden

Testing the weight limit of the crib

Maybe we go to Starbucks a bit much?

Yes, every toy had to be dumped

Wore an 8 1/2 and needed a 10 1/2, whoops!

I still cry when Mufasa dies

After many, many, many days of rain the sun finally rejoined us

Yeah, I should do the dishes


Can you believe my school library was purging this book?  Thankfully I saved it.

You always put your milk on the airplane wing, right?

Cupcakes :)

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