Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Anti-Thanksgiving

For the second year in a row we celebrated with an anti-Thanksgiving.  This idea started last year when no one really wanted to cook a big meal nor deal with the day after turkey hang over.  Since we had a good time last year, we decided to give it a go again this year. 

We booked a hotel room in the big city and made reservations for Thursday night.  Nana & Papa were joining us for the duration of our stay while Grandma & Grandpa were going to join us only for dinner.
What the kids do when the shower fogs up the windows
On Wednesday we let the kids jump on the hotel beds while we caught up with N & P.  For dinner we walked down to Cantina Loredo.  From first look one would think it would not be kid friendly, but we were surprised.  They had a kids menu and it was slightly loud (which was great for dining with G).  I had the steak fajita tacos, and could have eaten them all night.  Then I realized I needed to save room for dessert.  Totally worth it.

Putting the kids to bed was a lesson in why we try to get hotel rooms with separate bedrooms.  Of course G needed to go to bed before the rest of us, and Matt volunteered to sit with him in the room while M and I hung out with N & P.  I brought the baby monitor along so we could put him to bed and then play some games while still monitoring the boy.  The monitor turned out to be our entertainment.  We could hear G talk to Matt in the dark while Matt passed the time on his computer.

G - "Daddy, I go to sleep now?"
Matt - "Yep, buddy it's time to sleep."
G - "Daddy, my eyes tired."
Matt - no response
G - "Daddy, my eyes tired.
Matt - no response
G - vehemently "Daddy, my eyes tired.
Matt - "Yep, buddy it's time to sleep."
G - "Daddy, you sleep now?"
Matt - "Yep, buddy it's time sleep."

Cut to N & P's room and imagine hilarious laughter.  90 minutes later the boy finally fell asleep.

On Thursday morning we knew our options for the day were limited since not many stores were open.  After breakfast we walked to the Christkindlmarkt at Daley Plaza.  We visited last year and the weather was so biting cold that it was a super short visit.  We felt that the weather outside was quite nice when we walked out of hour hotel.  Walking a few blocks into more open areas proved our forecasting inaccurate.  We were a bit chilly...

On the walk we passed by the tail end of the State Street Parade and watched for a few minutes.  Then it was time for the Christkindlmarkt with a few thousand of our closest friends.  Matt and Papa took G for a spin around the plaza since glass ornaments & G don't really mix.  We got to use our scant bit of German when Nana was purchasing ornaments.  Megan said danke schön to the cashier and she got a huge smile on her face and replied with bitte schön!  That's about it for my German other than how to say one (eins), no (nine), Tuesday (Dienstag - thanks to German MTV promos) and car (das auto - thanks to VW commercials).

After a brisk walk back to the hotel we had a little lunch and then napped until dinner. that was a meal.  All the grandparents joined us at Buca di Beppo for some obnoxious amounts of pasta.  Carb hangover was had by all, especially Matt.

Matt got the really big spaghetti :)

Remember last night's conversation with G when he went to bed?  Just copy that conversation here.


  1. I like this anti-Thanksgiving you speak of. I may need to borrow this idea.

  2. Borrow away! No dishes = a fantastic holiday!