Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kudos to Matt

Matt is what one might call an airfare hawk.  He knows who to read to find out about upcoming sales what websites to stalk for unpublished sales.   Knowing that let me tell you about a little airfare sale back in July.  Matt heard that the big airlines were planning a sale, and he was going to check it out.

Matt was online when the sale was released, and here’s where it gets good.  Someone at the main office of one of the big airline make a small error when loading the fare.  Instead of $142 each way to LAX, they punched it in as $142 round trip.  Yes, round trip.

Knowing that this was an absurd price, Matt immediately bought two.  There was no preplanning for who would take care of the kids.  This was too good to pass up, and they would fix their mistake soon.  No sooner did he complete his purchase that the big airline pulled the fare.  Score!

Now I just had to wait until October to enjoy some Cali.

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