Friday, December 9, 2011

Did you know Christmas starts at 3:00?

Without going into tedious details, it’s been a long December.  Work has been more work than it has been in a long time.  I texted Matt on my way home yesterday suggesting that day’s theme song should be AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.  And, yes he obliged upon my return home.  However, he did not have time to pull the How I Met Your Mother version together (maybe next week).

So to save our sanity Matt and I took today off to wrap up our holiday shopping and to run on our own time zone.  We even let the kids sleep in so we could start the day off right, slow. 

I checked our list twice while Matt savored his coffee at Egg Harbor and we were on the road at 10:00. 

Mall – check (with a great sale at Bare Escentuals!)

Target – kind of check, out of the Matchbox track we wanted

Which leads us to that toy store with the backwards letter.

First of all, this is one of the dirtiest stores I’ve shopped in a long time.  Being a store for children, it should be ashamed of itself for the filth that covers the store.  Second of all, I can’t even begin to describe the employees for fear of slander. 

It started off quite well, our search for a Matchbox track and a bucket of action figure guys was quick.  The bucket-o-guys was even 50% off.  Major score.  We were pleased to see short lines at the checkout.

This is where it gets ugly.

The “employee” scanned our items, and the bucket-o-guys did not ring up at the right price.  When I alerted her to the wrong price, she said “Oh that price does not start until 3:00 today; our ad does not start until then.  You can bring your receipt back at 3:00 and we will refund your money.”  I think she read my skeptical facial expression and clarified that many customers are confused with the sale.  Before saying anymore to the person, I walked to the end cap to carefully read the sign to ensure that I didn’t miss any fine print of a start time before questioning her further.

The sign only stated Friday & Saturday as the sale date.  When I gently explained this to the person she stated again that the sale didn’t start until 3:00.  I said I wanted to talk to a manager because if the sign was there the price should be honored. 

She had the gall to tell me that I had to go to the customer service counter to talk to a manger.  Then she left the cash register to help the register next to her. 

Oh the adrenaline was flowing in full force now. 

I removed the purchases from the bag and walked to the customer service counter.  From what I can remember, I explained my concern to the people at the counter and asked that the discount be applied at this time.  After all if the sign is up they should honor it.  The lady sympathetically applied the discount and we could be on our way.  I decided that the customer service personnel needed to hear how un-customer service oriented the checkout girl acted.  His face dropped when I described the person connected with the behavior.  Maybe he’s heard these comments before?  To his credit he did express a sincere apology for her behavior and the missing discount.  I’ve never liked this store, and today solidifies my decision to never, never shop here again.

It warms my heart hoping that she gets a pink slip for the holidays.  

*The rest of the afternoon was fabulous, and we finished the list with time to spare before picking up the kid.  Shopping is done!

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